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50/50 Club

1. What is the 50/50 club?

It's a small lottery to raise money for the school that costs £1 per entry.

2. How much money goes to the school?

Half the money goes to the school, the other half is prize money.

3. How often does the 50/50 club happen?

The 50/50 club is run each term with a draw in the week containing the 28th of each month (or the week before if the 28th is at a weekend or the end of term).

4. Who can enter?

You must be over 18 to enter.
The 50/50 club is open to parents and guardians of current and past pupils, grandparents of current and past pupils, current and past staff, past pupils, and current and past governors.

5. How many entries can I have?

You can have between 1 and 5 entries each month.

6. How much can I win?

It depends on how many people enter.

1st prize is 25%

2nd prize is 15%

3rd prize is 10%

7. If there are 500 entries how much can I win?

1st prize would be £125

2nd prize would be £75

3rd prize would be £50

8. Do I pay for a few months in one go?

Yes. You can buy 3 or 4 months each time (depending on the length of the term).

9. When do I enter and pay?

You can enter and pay during ‘sales week’, which will be the first or second full school week of the term. This will be advertised in the school newsletter and in the playground.

10. When does the 50/50 club start?

The 50/50 club will be restarted for the Winter term – sales will be at the start of term in January 2017.