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Look at how many unusual places Oak Class have found to read.

Photo Competition:

Each class will have one winner and they will receive 3 books as a prize - 1 poetry book, 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction.  The winner will be chosen if their photo is pulled from a hat.

Click on the photos to enlarge

Picture 1 Reading with Bailey in his dog crate!
Picture 2 On a horse!
Picture 3 In a tree!
Picture 4 On a bedroom window sill!
Picture 5 In a goal!
Picture 6 On a football pitch!
Picture 1 On the top shelf!
Picture 2 Under a bookshelf!
Picture 3 On a bus!
Picture 4 In the bath!
Picture 5 Under the bed!
Picture 1 On a branch!
Picture 2 Through the sun roof!
Picture 1 At the keyboard!
Picture 2 In a basket!

Here is our winner of the photo competition with her prizes.

Picture 1