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Spring 2017

Willow and Maple classes have had the chance this week to take part in balance ability. 

They have been taught about cycle safety, how to pick up and put down a bike and the skills needed to ride a pedal bike. 

The children all started on balance bikes and if they showed enough confidence and balance had a go around the playground on a pedal bike.

It was lots of fun and all the children made progress during the sessions. 

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We were very lucky to have a visit from Tim Baillie on Friday 10th June. He was a gold medal winner in the canoe slalom at the 2012 Olympic games. He brought in his gold medal for us to see and some of the equipment he used when canoeing. Tim talked to us about his achievements and how hard he had to work to succeed in the canoe slalom event. At the end of the day he presented a trophy to the winners of the canoe slalom obstacle course competition. 

The children enjoyed his visit and have been inspired to try new sports. 


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