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Spring (1) Topic: Whatever the Weather

Whatever the Weather! 

This half term we are learning all about the weather.


We begun our topic with a weather day and spent the morning outside in our wellies and waterproofs!


Mrs Passmore taught us the names for the different clouds! We spent time looking at the different shapes and sizes of clouds and then had a go at drawing them on black paper with white chalk.


Miss Justice taught us about rain. We learnt a little bit about why and how it rains and then had some fun splashing in some 'home-made' puddles!




Mrs Axten taught us about the water cycle and we even got to make one to help us remember!



Mrs Lowings let us have a lot of fun with a range of weather equipment including windmills, windsocks, thermometers and compasses.



In literacy we watched a video clip of a storm and thought of words to describe the clouds, rain and

lightening and wrote them in a plan. We then worked in pairs to create a 3D storm poem! 




We also looked at 'Percy the Park Keeper' stories written by Nick Butterworth.



We listened to a range of stories and used what we knew about the characters, settings and story lines to predict different endings. 




We then wrote our own endings to a Percy story where we had to save a rabbit who was stuck on a frozen lake! 


In topic we have been learning about the different countries in the UK. We created a daily weather map by watching a real clip of the weather every day for a week. 




We also learnt about the four different seasons and what the weather is usually like in each season.

Can you remember the names of the four seasons? 



The fun continued in Design and Technology where we investigated the best materials to make a boat. We had a go at making a boat using lots of different materials.




We then went to our wildlife area to test the boats in the pond. Did your boat float or sink? What materials did you use?




After evaluating our boats we then designed a new one, using what we had learnt about making our boats strong and waterproof.

As you can see, we had lots of fun designing, making and testing our new model boats! 






Take a look at our new boats by watching the slideshow below smiley