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Picture 1 Toot Hill students came to learn how we recycle.
Picture 2 Our boxes are ready to take to the post office.
Picture 3 Another delivery for Terracycle.
Picture 1 We took a letter to TootHill school.
Picture 2 We want them to help us recycle.
Picture 3 We delivered a box for the recycling.
Picture 4
Picture 1 Our home made paper.
Picture 2 Swac showed us how to recycle paper.
Picture 3 The eco warriors empty our paper bins on Fridays.
Picture 4 The compost Dr came to school.
Picture 5 Recycling with Terracycle.
Picture 6 Taking our recycling to the post office.
Picture 7 Filling the pond with rain water from the butt.
Picture 8 Taking rain water to the pond.
Picture 9 Using water from the water butt.
Picture 10 More recycling to the post office.
Picture 11 Look at the lovely compost we have made.
Picture 12 We collect lots of rain water in our butt.
Picture 13 Eco warriors recycling paper every Friday.
Picture 14 A big box of recycling at the post sffice.